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Enabling individuals who are blind or visually impaired to participate in competitive sports and leisure activities

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Volunteer     (Volunteer Form)

SportsVision relies on volunteer support throughout the year to help plan and manage various activities, events and administrative duties. The following are just a few of the opportunities available.

Activity Mentor

Anyone who enjoys participating in an activity on a regular basis or who has recently done so can become an Activity Mentor. Mentors are put in contact with individuals who have expressed an interest in trying a specific activity and may have questions or concerns. For example, we may connect a man interested in becoming a downhill skier with a person who has been skiing for several years. Activity Mentors may share information such as some of the basics, various adaptations, precautionary tips, and the like. If you have a specific sport or leisure activity you are familiar with, we would be thrilled to have you become an Activity Mentor.

Administrative Assistant

We are seeking individuals to assist in filing, making phone calls, mailing information, managing lists, and assisting with bookkeeping. While some tasks can be done from home, others require on-site assistance.

Board Member/Advisor 

Individuals who support SportsVision's cause and who are willing to take on a leadership role within the organization are encouraged to learn more about becoming a board member. We need individuals to share both their expertise and experience to develop the organization. SportsVision needs leaders with time and talent in the following areas: fundraising, event planning, finance, law, insurance, recreation related fields, nonprofit management, public relations, sports promotion, and more. The on-going development of a successful organization requires input on many fronts. We welcome your interest. 

Committee Member

We are seeking individuals to assist with committee work. Currently we need additional helpers in the areas of fundraising, program development, resource coordination, and organizational development. No prior experience is necessary, only a healthy interest in helping. Most committee work includes planning events/activities, gathering and sharing information, and working on a team to implement the plans. For details about each specific committee, please inquire.

Community Speaker

A large portion of SportsVision's efforts focus on educating the community and professionals about the leisure interests and abilities of individuals who are visually impaired. If you are not afraid of speaking in public, we would be interested in learning more about your leisure experiences and interests. You may be able to help our education efforts.


Our community education efforts often require travel to neighborhoods throughout Western Pennsylvania and beyond. We are seeking individuals with excellent driving records and flexible hours to escort our visually impaired staff and volunteers to SportsVision meetings and appointments. Mileage and parking reimbursements are available. Other expenses such as food and lodging will also be covered on longer trips. 

Event Assistant 

The success and smooth operation of our activities rely on these volunteers. Event assistants are needed in the following areas: sighted guides, one-to-one activity partners, sports instructors, setup, clean-up, registration, refreshment distribution, activity coordinator, etc. These opportunities are perfect for individuals who are looking for only an occasional commitment. Please sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, which includes notice of these opportunities. 

Media Specialist 

We are looking for individuals with skills and interest in multi-media projects as well as photography and videography. Some typical needs include brochure creation, publication layout, web site development, design of audio/visual aids, signage creation, production of a promotional video, and more. Creative individuals should express how they can help. 


SportsVision is seeking sighted individuals to be spotters for its Audio Darts Program. This position takes no special skills. The group practices on Tuesdays from 9AM until 3PM at the Center for Independent Living at 900 Rebecca Street in Wilkinsburg. We are looking for individuals to make a three-hour commitment once a week.


The continued success of "VISIONS," our information-packed newsletter, requires innovative ideas and creative writing. We are seeking individuals to contribute relevant stories to this quarterly publication. If you enjoy writing and have ideas for potential stories, this would be the perfect
opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity.

If you are interested in supporting our efforst, please download the Volunteer Form and mail or e-mail it to me.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Susan M. Lichtenfels, MS



PO Box 13202 | Pittsburgh, PA 15243
Phone: 412.429.1996 | Email:
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