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Enabling individuals who are blind or visually impaired to participate in competitive sports and leisure activities

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2009 Rock Climbing Photos

SportsVision hosted a 2-hour private group session with belyaers at Climb North in Wildwood for people who are visually impaired (and their families) on November 14, 2009. Here are a few photos of the group enjoying the fun!

Photo: He Makes It Look EasyPhoto: He Makes It Look Easy
Photo: Climbing AwayPhoto: Climbing Away
Photo: Working Hard and Having FunPhoto: Working Hard and Having Fun
Photo: Getting Ready For The WallPhoto: Getting Ready For The Wall
Photo: Doesn't This Wall Go Any Higher!?Photo: Doesn't This Wall Go Any Higher!?
Photo: Giving The Hard Wall A TryPhoto: Giving The Hard Wall A Try
Photo: Getting a Boost UpPhoto: Getting a Boost Up
Photo: Enjoying The Day Watching Our ClimbersPhoto: Enjoying The Day Watching Our Climbers






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