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Enabling individuals who are blind or visually impaired to participate in competitive sports and leisure activities

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Below are some web sites, list serves, and books that deal with recreationand athletic opportunities for persons who are blind / visually impaired. If you have any you wish to add, please feel free to contact us.

List serves

Below are some email lists you can subscribe to in order to communicate with others throughout the world who may share the same interests. Please contact us if you have any additions.


Below are books that have been either written by or about people who are blind and visually impaired. Despite their blindness, they have excelled at sports and leisure activities. These books include a wide variety of experiences. Please contact us if you have additional books to recommend.

No finish line: my life as I see it
By Marla Runyan with Sally Jenkins.
Published: Watertown, MA: Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library, 2001.
Book Number: MWatP-BPH (RCM 665)

The first legally blind athlete to compete in the Olympic Games tells her story. Diagnosed with Stargardt's disease when she was nine, Marla Runyan proved to be a gifted athlete. In 2000, she placed eighth in the Olympics 1500 meters foot race. With humility and humor, she describes how it felt to grow up and compete at the world-class level "disabled."

No limits
By Harry C. Cordellos and Janet Wells.
Published: Washington, D.C.: NLS, 1994.
Book Number: RC 37752

Cordellos avoided sports in his youth because of failing sight and a heart murmur. His attitude changed when he was introduced to water skiing through an orientation center. Now considered the most highly conditioned blind athlete in the world by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, director of Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas, fifty-three-year-old Cordellos holds a master's degree in physical education and lectures widely.

Breaking through
By Harry C. Cordellos.
Published: Washington, D.C.: NLS, 1984.
Book Number: RC 20843

The autobiography of a renowned blind athlete. Cordellos describes his transformation from a timid, fumbling youngster with glaucoma to the accomplished and confident athlete he is today. His accomplishments in sports are as diverse as water-skiing, gymnastics, distance running, and diving.

If you could see what I hear
By Tom Sullivan and Derek Gill.
Published: Washington, D.C.: DBPH.
Book Number: RD 08206 or RC 35991

Autobiography of a gifted young man who became blind shortly after birth. Refusing to accept the limits of his handicap, he developed his abilities and became a champion wrestler, a dean's-list student, and graduate of Harvard University. Suggested related title: "To catch an angel; adventures in a world I cannot see," by Russell.

Touch the top of the world: a blind man's journey to climb farther than the eye can see
By Erik Weihenmayer.
Published: Washington, D.C.: NLSBPH, Library of Congress, 2001.
Book Number: RC 51505

In this adventure-packed memoir, the author recalls rebelling against becoming blind by age fifteen. Relates acquiring a passion for mountaineering and developing the character traits that enabled him to succeed. Covers his climbing exploits and his wedding on top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Some strong language.

What Is Wilderlust?
Reprinted from

Have you ever longed to feel the sun’s warmth upon you and to take in great gulps of fresh air? Ever yearned to hear the robin proclaim that spring has come or to hear the mutter of a stream? If you have, you know what wilderlust is--the desire to experience nature.

The NHEST has published a book to show how blind and visually impaired people enjoy the outdoors. “Wilderlust” has 24 chapters written by 18 writers from all over the United States and Canada. Whale watch on Alaska’s Glacier Bay, hike the Mohave Desert, water ski on Utah’s Bear Lake, explore the forests of Ontario, backpack the entire Appalachian Trail, build a fire for those cold Massachusetts winters, ride on an Outward Bound cycling trip through northern New England, and much more. You’ll also learn about birding, spelunking, gardening, skiing, and other pursuits that blind and visually impaired people of all ages can enjoy.

It’s now available in regular print, large print and CD-ROM versions and we will create an audio version soon. All versions are $19.95 plus shipping. Please send an e-mail to Or call (207) 327-1453 if you would like to order a copy. The mailing address is: NHEST, 144 Atkinson Road, Bradford, ME 04410.



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