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Yoga Anyone?

By Sherri Crum

Do you want to do something to improve your health and are unsure of what to do? Perhaps the Ancient Indian exercise system of yoga would work for you.

Why yoga? Here are some of the benefits: 1) Through gentle stretching and range of motion exercises yoga will help you to develop balance, flexibility and strength. 2) As yoga is practiced, old habits of posture and movement may be noticed and may change. 3) One-pointed awareness and body-mind unity are some of the techniques for mental focus which are learned. They may be used throughout all life experiences to help you stay focused when insignificant thoughts want to surface. 4) Yoga also offers a much-needed outlet for relaxation and stress management.

What's involved? First, you must learn the different positions, (postures and stretches) through some type of class or personal instruction. After that, you can practice yoga on-your-own at home or in a class. Very little equipment is required; only some type of mat and loose clothing.

The learning progression in yoga is that you must first understand and be able to do the movements. Second, do the movement very smoothly. Third, coordinate the movement with your breathing. Fourth, do the movement with the opposite side of the body, or in the opposite direction. Fifth, do the movement very slowly. As with many other things, you must practice to reap the benefits and build your skills.

Currently there is only one class being held in this area which is tailored to blind/visually impaired participants. It is taught on Monday afternoons in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. If you think yoga is something you'd like to try, or for more information about this activity in general, email or call SportsVision.





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